Glory Hole
Rocky Hills Cabins
Glory Hole--1.9 miles.  A stream
has drilled a hole through the roof
of a rock overhang.  During wet
seasons, water pours through the
hole.  Hike under the bluff
overhang  and then see large
boulders and bluffs.

Directions from cabin:  
  • Go west on Hwy 16 for 1.8
  • Park beside an old road on
    the left side of the highway.
  • Follow the old road
    approximately 1/3 of a mile
    to a fork.  Stay right on the
Glory Hole from the top
Glory Hole from below
Glory Hole bluff
View of the Glory Hole from the top of the
Rock overhang with the Glory Hole located
inside the overhang.