Autumn in the Ozarks
Autumn in the Ozarks
Outdoor enjoyment surrounds and envelops our guests.  
Within only 2 miles, the picturesque
Glory Hole and the
Upper Buffalo Wilderness can be reached. Only a short
distance further are excellent locations to
view elk and
canoe the Buffalo National River in the scenic Boxley
Valley and Ponca.

Hiking is a year round event with each season providing
a unique and beautiful change to the backdrop of the
Ozark National Forest.  Spring has an abundance of
dogwoods while Summer adds to the beauty with
wildflowers.  During Autumn the leaves take on vibrant
shades of orange, yellow, and red; however, during
Winter leaves drop giving a panoramic view of the

Numerous hiking trails are available to reach locations
such as
Hemmed-in-Hollow, Lost Valley, Pedestal
Rocks, and Alum Cove.  A variety of features such as
impressive natural rock bridges, a 225 foot waterfall,
rock bluffs, wildflowers, and a variety of wildlife can be
seen from these trails.  The Ozarks are also home to the
Ozark Highlands Trail.  This 140-mile trail passes along
streams and up and over mountain tops providing the
visitor with a variety of experiences.

Located within the Upper Buffalo Wilderness,
Crag/Whittaker Point is one of the most recognized
spots in Arkansas.  Numerous photos, including the
cover of the 2005 Rand McNally road atlas,  have been
taken of this amazing rock outcrop that sticks out from a
tall bluff.

Other bluffs can be seen in many locations close to
Rocky Hills and provide excellent sites for rock climbing
enthusiasts.  One of the more popular sites,
, offers various levels of climbing on routes of
Atoka sandstone with numerous crack systems, solution
pockets, and knobs.

The surrounding area is also home to an assortment of
caves.  Commercialized caves such as
Mystic Caverns
Hurricane River Cave are available within a short
drive or, for the spelunker, a variety of wild caves are in
the area and available for exploration.

Rivers such as
Buffalo National River and scenic Piney
provide an opportunity for an assortment of
activities such as
swimming, fishing, and floating.  For
the experienced individual,
canoeing and kayaking the
head of the Buffalo National River--known as the
--can be undertaken during times of high
water; however, the most famous part of the Buffalo
National River for floating is between
Ponca and Pruitt.  
This section offers class I and II rapids insterspersed
with swimming holes in an environment filled with bluffs,
caves, and waterfalls.  The Piney River is also a popular
canoeing stream.  It provides 20 miles of class II and III
rapids interrupted by stretches of beautiful pools.

Ozark National Forest is home to a large variety of
 Birds ranging from bald eagles and great blue
herons to finches and hummingbirds can be spotted by
bird watchers.  
White tail deer, wild turkey, black bear,
squirrel, rabbit, quail, and elk
provide hunters with wild
game.  The rivers and streams carry
bass, catfish,
goggle-eye, and a variety of panfish

Scenic drives throughout Newton County provide
opportunities to view many of these features.  Or, when
you are interested in taking a day trip, drive to the Bass
Pro Shop in
Springfield, Missouri.  Stop off at Branson,
, to catch a wide range of music and/or
entertainment shows or to visit the
Silver Dollar City
theme park.  Drive to the historic Victorian spa city of
Eureka Springs, Arkansas, where you can watch the
Great Passion Play, tour the famous Crescent Hotel, or
ride a narrow gauge railroad.  Fishing and boating are
also available on day trips to
Bull Shoals Lake, the
Arkansas River, or Lake Dardanelle.
Rocky Hills Cabins
Local Activities
Scenic View
The Glory Hole, also known as the
Hole in the Rock, is located 2 miles
from Rocky Hills Cabin. During wet
times, water pours down through the
Scenic view from location
close to Highways 16 &
A raccoon--one of the
many wildlife creatures
that might be seen.
Sunsets can be beautiful
in the mountains.
Glory Hole